Voter Registration Camp

Get ready to make history, because on August 18, 2024, Shri Shivaji Maratha College of Architecture, Pune is about to launch a Voter Registration Campaign unlike any other, featuring the incomparable Dr. Seema Holkar! 


 Step into a whirlwind of excitement as we transform our campus into a vibrant hub of civic action and democratic fervor. From colorful banners to catchy slogans, we’re pulling out all the stops to inspire and mobilize our student body and community to register to vote. With Dr. Holkar’s infectious enthusiasm and expertise leading the charge, this campaign isn’t just about ticking boxes – it’s about igniting a spark of civic pride and responsibility in each and every one of us. Imagine interactive booths, lively debates, and maybe even some surprise guest appearances – because when it comes to democracy, the sky’s the limit! Join us as we paint the town (and our ballots) with the colors of change, unity, and democracy in action. See you there, history makers!

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