Nasa Day.. Sketch It!!

Prepare to launch your creativity into orbit at Shri Shivaji Maratha College of Architecture, Pune’s Sketching Competition on September 13, 2024, in honor of NASA International Day! 


 Embark on a cosmic journey through the strokes of your pencil as you bring the mysteries and marvels of space to life on paper. From distant galaxies to futuristic spacecraft, let your imagination traverse the vast expanse of the universe as you compete for cosmic acclaim and stellar prizes. This event isn’t just about sketching – it’s about capturing the essence of exploration, discovery, and the boundless wonders of the cosmos. Whether you’re an aspiring artist, a seasoned sketcher, or simply a stargazer with a passion for space, this competition invites you to unleash your creativity and join us for a celestial celebration like no other. Secure your spot among the stars – register now and get ready to sketch your way to infinity and beyond!

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